Judith and the Court Painter

15 Jul

Paul Emil Jacobs (1802 – 1866) was the Saxon-Coburg Gotha court painter.  In the years 1830-34, he was in St. Petersburg but returned to create murals in the Royal Palace in Hanover.  That’s Hanover, Germany – not Hanover, Indiana.

Paul Emil Jacobs, “Judith and Holofernes,” 1845, Oil on canvas, 149.9 x 121.3 cm., auctioned by Hample 9/20/2003 (Lot 1485)

This digital copy is so small that it is important on rely on the translated description from the auction house, Hample. They indicate Jacobs was –

“… an important painter between Classicism and late Romanticism [depicting] Judith as a beautiful, proud woman, shown standing in three-quarter view, facing the observer with the upper body, shoulder and chest bared. The head directed to the Assyrian, Holofernes, laying on the couch behind her.  She is just about to contract the sword from its scabbard… The darkened background makes the flesh tones and bright draperies bring theatricality. In an elegant color combination, looped scarves intertwine around her lower body in the colors of Titian blue and emerald green. The clothes each shown with gold thread brocade braids. The hair tied pearl-colored, braided silk scarf, surrounded with delicate silver embroidery. The upper body is in front of the bright red curtain, the right of it reproduced in complementing moss green background. The body of Holofernes is represented youthfully beautiful, his arms wrapped together over his face, with a gold bracelet below the elbow, with a polished, shimmering gold shield of the warrior on the foot of the bed. The biblical heroine is represented in a skillfully psychological way: just wondering the wisdom of deciding to be brave, but also with a tinge of pity. It is not insignificant that his skilful rendition may have contributed to the fame of the picture.” (1)

I am glad they described this painting.  Gives me something to consider while I attempt to raise the $52,000 that was paid for the last Jacobs at auction.

(1) Hample Kunstauktionen München

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To compensate for the small image, here is a little music to enhance the theme.  Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2009)

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