Judith and not-much-else

18 Jul

Not much information.  Not much clothing.

Jacques Lematte, “Judith,” 1886, Oil on canvas, Musée Antoine Lécuyer, Saint-Quentin (Aisne), France

Looking past the gratuitous frontal nudity, this is an interesting composition.  And i wish i could find a larger, clearer version.   (Trip to France, anyone? hint, hint)  Judith is perched on the edge of the disheveled bed, one eye on the sleeping form of Holofernes whose face is turned away into shadow.   He seems less human that way. the other eye is aware of the maid in the shadows at the foot of the bed, slowly sliding the hilt of the sword into the waiting hand of Judith.

Two attitudes are shown here, but not hesitation or conflict.  Obviously Judith has used her charms to seduce her victim into slumber, and is in the midst of using stealth and surprise to execute her attack.  She has two parts to play – but both are directed to the common goal of taking Holofernes’ head.

Common goals make even the most difficult tasks much easier.

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