Judith has X-ray Vision

05 Aug

Emil Kazaz.  What a cool name.  So cool I had to back-track and slip this into the section on dissection.  Although it actually looks more like a stabbing than a decapitation.   Eh, same outcome.

Emil Kazaz, “Hung King (Judith No.5),” 2000, ink and acrylic on paper, 22 x 30 in,

And thankfully, Emil’s website gives a detailed description of this painting.   Much better than I can do, so quoting liberally from Airian Dome of Fine Art:

In a bit more swashbuckling style whose bitter realism presents a more convincing psychological portrait, Judith No5 is in the process of beheading Holofernes.  Working with simultaneous narratives, time lapse, and events sequence by inventing external and internal architecture artifice, Kazaz uses an implied archway in the left quadrant to separate the human-headed rodent form of Holofernes from the main action of the work.  The mid section reveals a swinging Holofernes strung up by his hooves.  A black rectangle surrounds his brightly colored rib cage, heart and hind sections.  It looks like Judith is gazing at her prey through an x-ray.  She is the dominant figure.  Her disheveled hair counterbalances her Rubenesque form, and establishes a dynamic diagonal thrust.  Sword in hand, about to do the deed, she lunges the blade forward.  Kazaz’s free and fluid drawing style captures the essence of Judith’s psyche as her positioning and actions challenge the traditional role of women in society, rejecting sober and restrained images in favor of a more contemporary persona – strong and capable.

Yea.   What he said.

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