Judith in a Harem Costume

10 Aug

As far as depiction of Judith, this one is  …  better than I could produce but  …  rather predictable.   Unless the bloody stump of Holofernes’ neck surprises you.

Jacopo Coppi, “Judith with the Head of Holofernes,” c.1525, oil on canvas, 133cm x 105cm, private collection, auctioned by Southeby’s 4/22/2009 (Lot 43)

Jacopo Coppi (aka del Meglio, “the Best,” Giacomo) was a student of Vasari, and his style reflects Vasari’s Mannerism with more extreme precision.   His style was described as “exaggeratedly elongated, artificially posed and locked into a space with multiple perspectives—his interest in physiognomic details, often verging on the grotesque, is highly individual.” (1)

Uh  …  I guess that’s a compliment.

There are several aspects of these work that do border on cartoon-ish, for me.    The sharp angles of Judith’s profile.    The roundness of her breasts.    The splay of Holofernes’ limbs (and an almost-glimpse of his jewels).   And what IS that white thing billowing from the back of Judith’s head?    Part of the drapes or part of her head gear — either way it is distracting.

However, I do like the entrancing blue I Dream of Jeannie costume.


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