Judith shakes her Pom-Poms

31 Aug

Let’s give her a J-U-D and an I-T-H. Go Judith, go. YEAH!!

Nicola Vaccaro , “Judith and Holofernes,” c.1680,198 x 254 cm, auctioned by Blanchet 11/18/2009 (Lot 38). 

Frankly, I came upon this painting rather late and had to come back to make room for it.   But it clearly fits within dissection.   And I came upon it by accident while searching for images of another painting – realizing i had not seen it before.  Of course, it appears there are hundreds of Judith’s out there I have never seen before.  Maybe if I had known that, I would have put this project together a little differently.   But nawh, this story-telling format works for me. (And it is all about me, to be sure)

So you are still wondering about the Pom-Poms.

Pom-pom or Pom-pon is derived from the French word “pompon” meaning tassel and refers to ornamental spheres of fabric, feathers, etc.   Basically, it’s a decorative ball of fluff.   Cheerleaders use pom-poms to attract the attention of a crowd, accentuate movements, and add an element of sparkle to a cheer, chant, or cheer/dance routine.   It is likely that Judith has strategically placed pom-poms in her hair in order to distract Holofernes and to add sparkle to his decapitation.

While this is not the bloodiest amputation we have seen, it is horrific in the way the Judith covers Holofernes’ mouth while the blade is half-way through his neck.   His hand grasping her forearm in a defensive move.   I still don’t understand why he is laying there and not struggling with his entire body but … hey, when you’re tired, you’re tired.  And yes the maid is leaning on his torso, but I suspect he could flick her off like a flea.

At least her participation shows it’s a team effort.


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