Judith pulls a face

06 Sep

You have my word: we are almost to the end of the decapitated bodies.   However, the disembodied head is part of the picture for the duration of the blog.

Attributed to Jean Joseph Taillasson, “Judith with the head of Holofernes,” Oil on canvas, 81.3 x 98.4 cm, auctioned by Christie’s 12/14/2001 (Lot 94)

This work is officially deemed “Attributed to Jean Joseph Taillasson.”    So far, I have been trying to comment on only those artworks that are clearly the work of someone with a name (sorry, no anonymous stuff) and a decent reputation (meaning, people would pay to look at the art).    But  “Attributed to” keeps coming up because many artists did not sign or date their work (obviously not feeling self-important or missing elementary education).    “Attributed to” means: “in the opinion of the auction house that is offering the piece for sale or the appraiser who is doing the appraisal, the subject art piece is very likely the work of the named artist. However, the work is not signed and the association with that artist is not guaranteed.” (1)

So Taillasson probably painted this.   Which means he probably placed that river of blood from the severed neck in the lower left corner, probably placed the maid in a red skirt in the lower right corner for balance, and probably gave Judith an expression that conveys “Eeeuw. I didn’t know decapitation was messy AND smelly.  Drop an air freshener in that bag, too, will ya?”

(1) Brenda Simonson-Mohle, Art Advisor’s Blog: Glossary of Art Terminology.March 13, 2010

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here are some helpful hints on how to treat a severed head, compliments of HBO’s True Blood.   dang, i miss Franklin.

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