Judith poops out

24 Oct

Poor Judith – she looks really tired.   Just worn out from the hacking and sawing.   She’s so tired she can’t even pull her clothes over her exposed ta-ta.

Phillip van Dijk, “Judith with the head of Holofernes,” 1726, Oil on panel, 27.7 × 30.5 cm, Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague, Netherlands

According to the assessment of Grove Art:  (van Dijk’s) personal style is typified by a smooth finish and the elegant but often rather strained poses of his models (1).   And I would say that assessment is very true of this composition.   Although the maid looks comfortable enough (despite being Really Old and dressed like a nun), Judith appears ready to fall face first on top of the sword and the severed head.   She is supporting herself with the sword under the wrist of a limp right hand and trying to bag the head as she leans forward, gazing into the face of the maid.

And Holofernes looks extremely uncomfortable.   But then again, he is usually depicted as being somewhat detached.

(1) “Philip van Dijk.” The Concise Grove Dictionary of Art. Oxford University Press, Inc., 2002. 02 Aug. 2011.

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