Judith and the basket

29 Oct

I am aware this is Botticelli and he had a huge impact on the history of art but … Why, why, WHY does the Maid have the bloody bag ON HER HEAD?!

Sandro Botticelli, “The Return of Judith to Bethulia,” 1470–1472, Oil on panel, 31 x 24 cm, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I know, I know — it is a cultural thing.  Women around the world carry bundles on their heads.  But not dripping, bloody slabs of meat!   Not freshly severed heads!!  Aside from the smell, imagine the putrid ooze from the bag running down on your forehead and into your eyes.   Who Does This???

Other than that, this is a much better example of Botticelli’s talent than the previous Judith.  Elegant lines, detailed backdrop, improved proportions.   She looks a lot like Birth of Venus – except for that freaking severed head in a basket.

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