Judith finds her voice

22 Nov

Introducing the lovely Tyson Vick, a photographer extraordinaire who is illustrating the operas of Mozart in her art.  Chronicling her learning about textiles, historical costuming, wig styling, millinery, and photoshop techniques. and like most bloggers, showing off the things she has created for the project.  A woman after my own heart – history, clothing, and artsy-fartsy music.

Tyson Vick, “La Betulia Liberata”, June 26, 2011,

To quote from Vick (since I am a numb-skull when it comes to opera):

Mozart set an Oratorio called “La Betulia Liberata” to music, which focuses on the despair of the people of the city, until Judith steps forward to ease their pain. All of the stuff at the enemy camp and the beheading takes place off stage. I think the piece is utterly fantastic, and perhaps just as good as “Mitridate”, being in the Da Capo Opera style. It is very likely the piece was never heard until the 20th century. The play was by the famous Metastasio, and it has numerous exciting songs, and is one of the only works Mozart ever set in a minor key — the only change to major comes when the enemy is destroyed!

So for your listening pleasure, I have found a recording of “Ma qual virtu” by Arno Raunig.  Yes a natural castrati – so enjoy immensely.


The entire Mozart Betulia liberata by the Munich Chamber Orchestra conducted by Christopher Poppen at the Salzburg Festival is on youtube, if you are so inclined.

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