Judith puts her best foot forward

28 Nov

This composition is noteworthy because there is no dangling head.     Yet.

Francesco Curradi, “The Triumph of Judith,” 1620-30, oil on canvas, 232 x 292 cm, Musée des Augustins, Toulouse , France

It appears Judith has just returned and is doing a little glad-handing before she waves around her trophy.   For the moment, the head is in the basket, covered by a cloth – and the kids have not yet figured it out.   Boy-howdy, are they in for a surprise.

Also of interest, Judith is making an effort to show some leg.   Rather than allowing her skirt to drop naturally, she has hiked it up to show her boot and her blue hosiery. Could be a fashion statement, could be a not-so-subtle come-on to the elders, or could be a product placement for the manufacturer.

When I go out to assassinate tyrrants, I put my best foot forward in Calzolaio and
 shoes and stockings.  The most comfortable leather, the most colorful hosiery you can buy in Bethulia.  Always a stand-out for style and a stand-up for durability.  Calzolaio and Calzetteria – when you want to slay them with your sophistication.”

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