Judith begins modeling

09 Jan

As I mentioned before, the next ginormous section of this blog deals with portraits:   paintings of Judith that are not about a point in the storyline but have the sole purpose of showing how Judith might appear visually.   So we go back to the Renaissance, a turning point in the history of portraiture due to interest in the natural world and in the classical cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.

Matteo di Giovanni, “Judith with the Head of Holofernes,” c.1490-95, Tempera on panel, 55.9 x 46 cm, Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

And here is Matteo di Giovanni, depicting an idyllic and naturalistic landscape scene as background and using delicate, lyrical colors for his subject.    I can almost hear him telling Judith –

Matteo:   Yeah, baby.  I want you with the camp in the background.  That’s good.  Now show us that sword by raising it above your head just like you did in the tent.  Oh, that’s marvelous.   Not too high.   Now raise the hand a little by bending your left elbow.  Not too much.   Yes, that’s just right.   And now lower your chin just a little.   Turn you head slightly to your left.   Other left.   Oh work it, baby.  You’re scaring me!

Meanwhile, an unknown artist was making this portrait – but forgot to sign his name.

Somewhat similar, doncha think?   Except for the snazzy sandals.

unknown, “Judith,” 1505, Tempera on panel, 77 x 45 cm, Collezione Chigi Saracini, Siena, Italy


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