Judith and Cranach the Elder, sieben

20 Jan

Oh. My. Gott in Himmel.   It is the seventh day of Cranach.   Give It A Rest.    

Unless you want to see what $866,500 will buy.

Lucas Cranach the Elder, “Judith with the Head of Holofernes,” c.1537, Oil on panel,  auctioned by Christies 1/27/2010 (Lot 3)  

This painting was sold by Christie’s in January of 2010 (two years before this post) for more than the estimated value of $500,000 to $700,000 (1).   And I do not even like it.   Except for the gloves.  Otherwise, this Judith appears to be from Roswell, NM or Area 51 or the cast of Jersey Shore.

On the other hand, this painting as valued at $11,600 to $17,400 – and sold for  $16,750 (2).   That is a huge price difference.   Probably because the first bares Cranach’s signature and the second does not.   Or green velvet gowns are more valuable than red velvet gowns this year?

attributed to Lucas Cranach the Elder, “Judith with the Head of Holofernes,” c.1537, Oil on panel, 83.5 x 93.5 cm, auctioned by Dorotheum 6/22/2010 (Lot 4)

As noted previously, I am neither an art critic or an art collector.   However, I am totally up on my TV and movie trivia – especially for the 60’s.    Therefore when I came across this I Dream of Jeannie version of Cranach’s typical pose for Judith, I was elated.

Isabel Samaras, “Golden Silence,” 2002, Oil on Wood, 51 x 39 in,

Isabel Samaras‘ entire website gallery is a delight for anyone who likes deviant art.   As they used to say in the 60’s, drop in and drop out.   And laugh your ass off on the way down.

(1) Carter B. Horsley, “Important Old Master Paintings, Christie’s January 27, 2010,” The City Review,

(2)   ArtValue, “Old Master Paintings, Vienna, 22 June 2010: Circle of Lucas Cranach,

(3) Isabel Samaras, “Golden Silence,”

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