Judith goes Goth

30 Jan

Not Italian Gothic.    Gothic as in post-Punk dark-romance macabre.

Mia Araujo, “Judith & Holofernes,” 2009, Acrylic on wood, 12 x 16 in, private sale

The artist herself describes the painting:

… the client wanted a ‘gothic’ piece, so I did an extra dark take on the Judith and Holofernes story. I wanted to represent the King’s decapitation in a different way than we see in most representations, so I had a stand-in statue for him being overgrown with flowers. (1)

The gothic elements:  the gargoyles in the right corner, the large sun-bleached cow skull in Judith’s coif and the numerous other human skulls in the scene, the lighted candles in her hair, the demons and naked revelers who appear to be watching from hell in the upper left,  the cemetery crosses and the woman crying bloody tears atop Judith’s head, the griffin on her crown and the blood red roses at her temples, and her necklace that resembles a Black Widow Spider.   In comparison, Holofernes as a statue covered in flowers seems very benign.

Yup, she is ready for Día de los Muertos.

(1) Mia’s Blog, 12/5/2009

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