Judith gets buggy

08 Feb

I was going to write about something boring today … and then this appeared.   A two-for-one Gift from the Gods.   An artist named Judith AND a medium that is totally unique and brilliant.    Bugs!    Or more precisely Mantodea, or Praying Mantises.

Judith Klausner, “Judith and Holofernes,” 2008, mixed media (Mantises, fabric, paint, sand, clay),          8 x 8 x 8 in,

This is a Perfect Storm of ideas.   An artist named Judith, using a female insect that decapitates her mate during coitus to portray the story of Judith.   I have stopped myself from using exclamation marks in this description but I may have to lie down to contain my excitement.

And to take me to an even higher level of ecstasy, Klausner also produced this scene with the Red Queen.

Judith Klausner, “Queen of Hearts,” 2008, mixed media (Mantises, fabric, paint, sand, clay), 8 x 8 x 8 in,

This is killing me.  I am actually afraid that if I continue my head will explode.  Because there is MORE!!!!!!   But because the remaining art does not specifically address the Judith story or decapitation (when did I get to be so morbid?), I will send you running to Judith G. Klausner where you will find more art with insects AND with food.

Too late.  I cannot stop myself.  Just a few more tidbits before we leave.  Cameos made from Oreo cookies!!!!  Isn’t this delicious??!!!!.

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