Judith gets romantic

10 Mar

Zoltan Herpai, “Judith,” Oil on wood, 60 X 140 cm,

Zoltán Herpai is a romantic dude.   And takes Judith back to the 19th century –

“I am looking for harmony, beauty and natural ugliness, irony and the philosophy behind the events of the world … For this I have found help in literature (mythologies, the Bible), music, art and human relationships. I look for and create new symbols and reinterpret old forms (such as portrait, tableau, genre painting, erotic painting and mythological or historical tableau).  By the second half of the 19th century the fine arts had done all it ever wanted to do. From there on there was no straight way forward so the generations of artists that followed began to disregard old traditions.  It started off with the impressionists and by the end of the 20th century through all the isms we had questioned everything there was, even the questions themselves (think of: performance, installation, minimal art).  My intention is to reach back to the 19th century and build up my art from there including everything that has happened since then: the isms, photographs, films, videos, commercials, the man and the city of the 20th and 21st century…” (1)

Because life was so much simpler and less violent then.

To see the rest of the stories told by Herpai, see:  Art of Zoltan Herpai



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