Judith looks up

04 Apr

Technically, she is not looking up.   But she should – because that psychotic angel is following her again.   Except this time the Maid is not so sure ….

Donatino (Donato Creti), “Judith as she leaves the tent with the head of Holofernes,” Oil on canvas, 230 x 150 cm, Banca Popolare, Milan, IT

Maid:      Ahem … did you hear something?

Judith:   Nope, not me.

Maid:     Seriously, look over your right shoulder.

Judith:   Nope, not me.

Maid:     SERIOUSLY, there is someone following you.  with wings.

Judith:   Nope, not me.

Maid:     WHY do you keep saying “nope, not me”?

Judith:   If you are trying to suggest that there is an angel following me, I will deny it.    Did it ever occur to you that the people of Bethulia would have a little trouble with the admission that a disembodied supernatural presence has been whispering in my ear?

Maid:     What would be wrong with that?

Judith:  And that it told me to whore myself out to this General and then cut of his head?   And I did it?

Maid:     So?

Judith:  So every other wife in Bethulia will be dropping off gifts with a hint that the angel told me to bed and behead her husband.   And every husband will try to have me committed to an institution and drugged for having hallucinations – since they won’t know which wife is every other.

Maid:    But psychoanalysis has not yet identified psychotic disorders and drug companies are not yet promoting anti-psychotic medications and there are no mental hospitals – at least in Bethulia.

Judith:  Oh … in that case … (turns) Hey little naked flying fella!  Let’s go collect some nice gifts.

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