Judith in full swing

13 Apr

Pier Francesco di Jacobo Foschi, “Judith and Holofernes,” c.1540, Oil on panel ,103.5 x 80.8 cm, auctioned by Sotheby’s 12/9/2010 (Lot 198)

Maid:    Wait a minute!  WAIT A MINUTE!!

Judith:  WHAT?!

Maid:    I think you are too far to the right.

Judith:  You’re wrong.  I am aiming straight for the red line I drew on his neck.

Maid:     I’m not so sure.  From this angle, it looks like it’s a little to the right.

Judith:   HAVE MERCY!  Have you had your vision checked lately?

Maid:     Only my good eye.  WAIT A MINUTE!!

Judith:   WHAT?!

Maid:     I thought I saw head lice.

Judith:   YE GADS!  I think you’re right.

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