Judith does interior design

20 Apr


At Home with A Heroine – the widow Judith opens her home to reveal aggressive style

Holly Ann Sailors, “Judith and Holofernes,” (2010), Berkeley College, New York, New York, USA

Bold.   Vibrant.   Austere.   Elegant.    These are the descriptive terms that typify the transformation of Judith’s ancestral home on the outskirts of Bethulia.    Inherited from her deceased husband, the original structure maintains the exterior atmosphere of the country home.    However, the interior has been modernized with contemporary conveniences like windows and doors.    

The most dramatic design details are in the large central room of the house that serves as entryway, meeting room, living room and dining room.    For this multi-functional area, Judith installed a highly reflective tile floor  to enhance both the exterior light and the interior colors of the elements on the walls.    Exterior light is further optimized in the room with lacework panels that allow more illumination to enter through the doors and windows  –  and throw artistic patterns on the tile.  

But the boldest elements in the room are tokens of Judith’s triumph over Holofernes:   the draperies from his tent and his decapitated head.   While the drapes add warmth and texture to the walls, Holofernes’ head rests theatrically on a single ionic column.   After removing the head from the City Walls, Judith had it carefully restored and preserved to become the focal point of the room.  

“I put so much effort into acquiring that head. It really hurt me to think it would be tossed in the rubbish heap.  It is a one-of-a-kind object and an important part of my story.  Plus he almost makes the day begin, like breathing out and breathing in.  I’ve grown accustomed to the trace of something in the air  –  accustomed to his face.”

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see Holly Ann Sailors for more unconventional artwork.

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