Judith is Pretty in Pink

22 Apr

A poor girl must choose between the affections of her doting childhood sweetheart and a rich but sensitive playboy –

Domenico Puligo, “Judith with the Head Holofernes,” c.1512 – c.1527, Oil on panel transferred to canvas, 85.8 x 65.2 cm, auctioned by Maison d’Art, Monte-Carlo 9/2-18/2009

Synopsis for Pretty in Pink (1986 BC)

Judith comes from a poor home, is a bit of an outcast at school and works at a record store.   She takes care of her dad, who is still a bit lost after being left by Judith’s Mom years ago.   Achior is her best friend who has secretly been in love with her since childhood.    Enter Holofernes, a popular rich kid who is interested in Judith regardless of the social pressure from his friends.

Despite the social world differences, the two want to make it work and Holofernes asks Judith to Prom.    Holofernes’ douche bag friend Bagoas gets to him, though, and Holofernes backs out of the prom date.    Judith eventually decides to go anyways, is meet there by Achior, and they reconcile their friendship.

Holofernes realizes he was wrong and apologies to Judith.   Achior relents and tells her to go after him, and Judith decapitates Holofernes in the parking lot.

John Cryer and Molly Ringwald, “Pretty in Pink” (1986 AD)

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