Judith and her bathrobe

23 Apr

This is a love story.   About Judith and her bathrobe.

Once upon a time,  there was a woman named Judith who loved her bathrobe.  It was comfy and warm and easy to wash.   It fit no matter how much she weighed, and it always felt like home.

One day an army showed up to destroy her city.   So Judith packed her bathrobe and set out to talk to the general of the army, Holofernes.   He was happy to entertain her, give her dinner and even invite her for a sleep-over.    All was going well until she donned her beloved bathrobe.

Alec Jacobson, “Judith with half-slain Holofernes,” 2011, Digital art,

This is a drawing of Judith in her prized bathrobe.    This is Holofernes having his head cut off after he made fun of the bathrobe.    Judith obviously did not appreciate the disparaging remarks he made about her favorite article of clothing – or his plans to destroy her city.

Alec Jacobson, “Judith one and one half,” 2011, Digital art,

This is Judith feeling very pleased with herself for decapitating Holofernes.   She is looking forward to having the tent to herself so that she can relax in the comfort of her bathrobe without interruption.    A bathrobe is much better company than a general with an inflated ego and plans to annihilate your friends.

Alec Jacobson, “Judith one and three quarters,” 2011, Digital art,

But oh no!!   That disgusting head of Holofernes left a bloody stain on her beloved bathrobe!!   This is a drawing of Judith after she spot-treated the bathrobe and then went to find the bag of meat in which to deposit the severed head.   She hurried home to wash the bathrobe in warm water and hang it out to dry on the city wall – along with Holofernes’ head.

It is not entirely clear what happened next, but either the bathrobe or the severed head scared the bejeesus out of the army and they ran away – leaving Judith and her city in peace.   And in the end, Judith was able to wash the stains out of the bathrobe.   And she wore it happily ever after.

The end.

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