Judith holds her own, again

30 Apr

Men. They are so grabby.

Pietro della Vecchia, “Judith bringing the head of Holofernes to Bethulia,” 1630, Oil on canvas, 96.5 x 138.5 cm, Musée de Brou, Bourg-en-Bresse, France

Captain:   Thanks for taking the risk, Judith.  Now hand it over.

Judith:   Tut, tut … Not so fast.

Captain:   What do you mean “not so fast”?

Judith:   I mean not so fast.  We have some negotiating to do.

Captain:   What kind of negotiating?

Judith:   First, you have to take me to dinner.  Then, I need flowers.  And a card.

Captain:   Uh, sure.

Judith:    You should also take me for a walk and hold my hand.   Whispering sweet nothings in my ear is also a good start.   Then you might hold me close and kiss me.

Captain:   Yes, yes.  But how quickly can we do this so we can get that head on the city wall before it rots?

Judith:    Head?  What head?  I thought you wanted to fondle my breasts!

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