Judith: the postcard

18 May

Arpad von Molnar-Trill, “Judith y Holoferens,”

Back in the day – when people used the postal service to communicate – painted postcards were popular.  Evidently, erotic paintings on postcards were popular.    And as long as the subject was historical or Biblical, nudity could be tolerated.

In this slinky setting, Judith is contemplating her victim.   He appears to be in blissful slumber (aka passed out drunk) and she appears to be enjoying frontal nudity.   That’s one way to avoid getting blood stains on your bodice.

And actually, for the crudeness of this painting, the depiction of Judith is lovely.  The downcast head, the tension in her arm, the thrust of her hips  – she does seem to be taking pause before committing her attack.   Maybe having second thoughts, maybe drawing her strength.   Too bad Holofernes is not sober enough to enjoy the last look at his seductress before he loses his head completely.

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