Judith serves a cold dish

24 May

Ester Foglia , “Judith and Holofernes,” Oil on canvas,

Esther’s symbol is the owl, emblem of bibliophiles – those who love and know how to read – and is the image that best expresses the spirit that gives life to her works. The aim of Esther is in fact the search, through symbols, an art you want to put things in harmony through the material and shape. (1)

Symbolism.  One of my favorites.  And in this new work i see Klimt – not the composition, which is too easy to copy, but the style of the Byzantine icon and the intricate detail of a mosaic juxaposed against a life-like face.   The suggestion of an Eastern diadem for Judith and chalice for Holofernes’ head.  The absence of his severed neck, but the suggestion of his bloody ending in the hem of Judith’s drapery.   The composition of his head in a goblet or bowl in her hand that says:   Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Ester describes his work:

The verb that better expresses our way to make art is: to recover!

To recover doesn’t mean recycle, but to take out from the great casket of tradition and reading it again through the eyes of the contemporary age. This way we are able to propose, again, a personal style, representing our way of being.

Our purpose is an attempt to communicate and revive myths and tales, histories and legends through symbols, an ancient instrument perfectly efficient that takes the freedom of talking to people who want to hear it, exciting interest and investigation to whom is willing to understand it. (2)

There is much more glorious art work beyond Judith that is worth viewing – but that is for another blog!



(1)  Donat Conenna, Éster Foglia: From Classic to Liberty,

(2)  Éster Foglia: From Classic to Liberty,

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