Judith on exhibit

26 May

Dasha Shishkin, “Judith And Holofernes,” 2007, Ink, sumi ink, acrylic and pastel on plastic, dimensions variable,

She is HERE!   Dasha Shishkin is HERE!   In little old Cincinnati – home of the Mapplethorp debacle.   And what are the chances that Judith and Holofernes will part of the exhibit??

If I am able now contain my excitement,  I can get down to digesting this artwork.   But it may take a minute.

Who is Dasha Shishkin?

Shishkin creates fantasy worlds through her work. Otherworldly creatures and mischievous human figures cohabitate in lush psychedelic environments, appearing as dreams echoing the works of Egon Schiele, Brice Marden, Henry Darger, and masters of Japanese woodblock prints. She realizes these worlds through a multitude of two dimensional media including drawing, print making and painting on surfaces such as textile, paper and wall. These works display a careful attention to line that at times contain a childlike quality, while at others are as steady as those created by a draftsman. Shishkin’s work skirts the line between narrative and abstract through hypnotic patterning and mark making. (1)

Shishkin’s pieces “belong in a category of their own” (2).    Executed on tactile textures, using domestic materials like wallpaper and other discarded materials, Shishkin uses unique media like Conté crayons and Sumi ink to create bold, rich colors into abstract landscapes and scenes of human interactions that “borderline-perverse.”

Take Judith and Holofernes, for instance.   It appears that Holofernes is performing cunnilingus on Judith – which would not be so strange except:

  • There are several women in the background, nonchalantly going about their business in a salon. (okay, so Judith and Holofernes are exhibitionists …)
  • Judith is sticking a sharp object in Holofernes’ neck.  (which is not very polite considering …)

… at least that would be strange in my world.

(1) Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Dasha Shishkin exhibit, February 11-May 2012.

(2)  Gio Marconi-8xa,  Interview:  Dasha Shishkin.  Modern Painters, April 2010.

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