Judith in High Style

02 Jun

Keith Thompson, “Judith and Holofernes,” 2007, Art print,

Clearly an homage to Lucas Cranach the Elder but more, Keith Thompson has used the Judith imagery to inhabit a fantasy world.   while attired in haute-coutrue Renaissance style, this Judith has extra tools attached around her waist that may have assisted her in the beheading.   The head of Holofernes has been cleaned up – much better looking, more serene expression and no gore from the neck stump.   And in the upper left corner, a banner has been added with a sinister effect.   Held aloft by winged reptiles and weighted at the bottom by a dead mouse, the banner depicts a branching design that emerges from a serpent head – with illegible words on the sides.

Hidden meanings for 25 points, anyone?

Thompson contributes this narrative to Judith and Holofernes –

Conviction took her as she approached the wretch; he lay swooned from drink and debauchery. She gripped him by the hair as she brought his own weapon down upon his neck. Halfway did it stop and and he lay there breathing quietly from the cleft in his throat.

“Beast of land with tough neck as if of knotted wood!” she lamented.

Again a blow rained down sending the head of Holofernes rolling from the bed and across the carpeted floor of his tent.

“Glory! Glory! Glory!” crooned the scaled cherubs “do not settle as of yet, dear lady, bid your maid do retrieve the head and place it in a ration sack.” This she did, following the urges of the divine voices, and she rolled his body off the bed, and rent the canopy from its posts.

Hearing voices, eh?   Might be time for the Haldol.

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