Now for something completely different (XLII)

04 Jun

“A Date with Judy” (1954 no. 42)

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Manga.  It confuses me.  But it is the sphere of success for Judith Park.  Who knew?

From EncyclopaediaDramatica (not in my words, for heavens sake)

Judith Park is a Korean German comic artist who rocketed to stardom at an early age. This Manga-ka phenomenon, who at the time of this writing is only 25, began her career sketching comic art at the tender age of 13 and swiftly took the manga world by storm with such titles as A Rotten Day and Dystopia is now feeling the effects of both love–lost and the internet hate machine at the same time.

Sometime in the recent past, Park, because she was a naive slut, allowed her boyfriend to take a multitude of shocking pornographic pictures of her in various poses and in various places. Then, stupidly, somebody put the pictures on the internet…you can see where this is going.

It is safe to say that this girl will do anything for her boyfriend(s), which was a great thing until now. Her next lover won’t be able to get near that snatch without going through a metal detector first. Also, after /b/ and the rest of the internet gets through with dragging her life through a huge, steaming pile of horseshit, she may be drawing her comics from a mental asylum.

  • It is okay to pose for your boyfriend, just don’t let him keep the memory stick to the camera.
  • If you draw shitty German comics, you will make enough money to have your breasts done.
  • If you draw shitty German comics and look like a complete nerd, Asian      chicks will dig you.
  • If you break up with your Asian girlfriend and you are German, please post them on an English site.
  • That ***** has been plowed by just about every manga-geek in  Europe …  Jesus Christ!
  • You’d still hit it.

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