Judith hangs out in a barn

11 Jun

As long as we are looking at ceilings …

James Clark,”Beheading of Holofernes,” barn ceiling,

This is too freakin’ clever.

As James Clark of Houston, Texas worked on dioramas and paintings, he realized he had a great oportunity to recreate the Sistine Ceiling Frescos by Michelangelo in his studio barn.   Among his gables you will find:

  • And then, He Created Speedo Briefs” to compensate for Michelangelo’s sense of humor in giving his robust male figures small infantile genitals.
  • God Creates the Sun and the Moon” in which God changes into his customary pink nighty.
  • “Day of Judgement” where St. Bartholomew is holding a knife in one hand and his flayed skin in the other – on which Michelangelo’s face has been substituted with the artist’s face.
  • Beheading of Holofernes” with gruesome detail of the head carried by Judith’s maid while the limbs of Holofernes’ decapitated body thresh about in the next room.
I hope he only attracts one-tenth of the visitors that Michelangelo has.  Otherwise, Clark might need a bigger barn.
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