Judith shares the stage

14 Jun

Alfred Elmore, “Judith at the Tent of Holofernes,” c.1871, Oil on canvas,                91.4 x 66.0 cm, auctioned by Old Heritage Signature Fine Art                             Auction #656 12/6/2007 (Lot 23111)

Alfred Elmore was a Victorian historical narrative and genre painter – depicting episodes from Shakespeare and the history of the French Revolution.   By the late 1860s, he moved towards a more classical style and the vogue for Orientalism.   Judith fit right in!!

However, her compatriots in Elmore’s portfolio were not as fortunate … and she appears to be unsure that she wants to join them.  While Judith acquired Holofernes’ head, Mary Queen of Scots and Marie Antoinette both lost their noggins.

Alfred Elmore, “Mary Queen of Scots and Christopher Norton at Bolton Castle,” oil on canvas, 120.6 x 180.4 cm, auctioned by Christie’s 9/5/2002 (Lot 326)

Alfred Elmore, “Mary Queen of Scots accepting her death warrant at Fotheringay Castle,”                        Oil on canvas, 124.4 x 100.3 cm, auctioned by Christie’s 5/29/2003 (Lot 251)

Alfred Elmore, “Marie Antoinette in the Temple,” 1861, Oil on canvas, 84 x 51 cm, auctioned by de Veres 5/17/2011 (Lot 81)

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