Judith lets down her hair

16 Jun

Francesco Guarini (Da Solofra), “Judith,” 1635, Oil on canvas, 99 x 75 cm, Diocesan Museum, Salerno, Italy

Exceptional grace of this Judith, dressed with a barbaric braid arranged in elaborate swirls around a velvet cloth embroidered with gold and decorated with fringes at the edges of the same color of the mantle folds described essential and almost totally in the linen covering white the severed head of Holofernes. A few red accents are in the dress of Judith and the sleeve of the servant, who takes up the same types found Stanzione and Caravaggio. (1)(2)

[wiping my brow]  I am certainly glad they explained that.  “Barbaric braid arranged in elaborate swirls”  just saved me a lot of worry about WTF Judith has on her head.    Instead of an Italian gentlewoman, she looks like a Teutonic oxherder.   Or Rapunzel, a runway model or a space alien.   Or Gaga, Rhianna, or an Olsen twin.  But that’s all the same, isn’t it?

(1) Riccardo Lattuada, Francesco Guarino da Solofra (1611-1651) in the seventeenth century Neapolitan painting, Napoli, 2000.

(2) Galleria Guariniana

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