Judith and Hello Kitty

10 Jul

my linguistic limitations are a liability once again.   but despite the language barrier, i am getting the distinct impression that Tomoko Nagao is a present-day Andy Warhol.

I am using many symbols of contemporary and icons of classic society of us in my art works. For example, Coca cola, Kikkoman-soy sauce in Japan, Zara-fashion, Barilla-pasta, Nutella-chocolate cream, Sony PSP-Game, Google-internet explore, apple- computer, plastic bags of Esselunga-supermarket in Italia, Cup noodle-instant noodle in Japan, hello kitty-a cartoon in Japan…etc. and classic symbols are Jesus, Venus, Bacchus, princess Margarita, David, Goliath..etc, they are based on the classic paintings in Europe, such as, Caravaggio, Tiziano Vecellio, Diego Velázquez…etc. They are mixed up come from all over the world and with different uses, it is like general our life today, as randomly. All are flatten, every thing have not had any differences or class or level, anymore. Because, it is much easy to have every objects what you need and want, every one can have what one need and want. Global society in marketing and mass media today is making this possible. (1)

Tomoko Nagao, “Caravaggio-Judith Beheading Holofernes,” 2010-11, digital art,

if i understood the message correctly, Nagao is expressing through his art that “every one can have what they need and want.”   the first expression of this thought is a recreation of the famous composition of Caravaggio, acted out amidst the conspicuous consumption of plastic shopping bags and milk bottles from Esselunga-supermarket (Italy) and bags of Milky chocolate candy from Fujiya Company (Japan).   i suppose Holofernes needed and wanted an orgy of fresh milk and chocolate candy, when he was interrupted by Judith and the maid on their way home from the supermarket – who needed and wanted to decapitate him.

Tomoko Nagao, “Caravaggio-Judith Beheading Holofernes with Hello Kitty,” 2010-11, digital art,

the second expression of this thought is also a recreation of the Caravaggio’s Holofernes, who this time needed and wanted Hello Kitty – the innocent and mute SanRio character (Japan) to share his fresh milk.

how convenient that the maid has a shopping bag at the ready.   but i am a little concerned about Hello Kitty getting the blood spatter out of her white fur.

(1) Famiglia Margini, Artists: Tomoko Nagao

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