Judith O Mundo Fantastisco

29 Jul

Ludmila, “Judith,” 2009, Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm,

I have an imagination. some acquaintances even say it is vivid.  And I appreciate a good fantasy. but I come no where near the fantastical imagination of Ludmilla.

O Mundo Fanastisco” re-clothes figures from history and mythology in monochromatic grays and buffs to create a world that is cold but vigorous, subdued but alive (1)(2).    Riveting because it is unclear if the characters are receding into metal and stone – or if they are emerging.   To really appreciate the full effect of this Judith requires placing her amidst the other inhabitants of this pseudo-Venetian Carnival world:   Europa, Cupido, Flora, Falcoaria.

With a view into this exotic stage-set, the viewer is exposed to Judith as warrior in fantastical chain mail.   Holofernes’ head woven into the fabric.    an ankh dangling from her headdress – the symbol of “eternal life.”   So once again she stands astride two planes:  bringing death to sustain life.

There is more to this woman than meets the eye.

(1)  Ludmila’s work can be seen in Claus Brusen,  Imaginaire: Magic Realism, Volume 3.  Sæby, Denmark: Fantasmus-Artbooks, 2011.

(2)  Her blog is Ludmila Fantastic Art






Night’s Guardian

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