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03 Aug

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You should have known I would find a royal Judith eventually.

Princess Judith of Aquitaine (born c. 844), daughter of Charles II “the Bald”, King of the West Franks, and Ermentrude;  granddaughter of Louis “the Pious” and Judith of Bavaria, a daughter of Count Welf of Alemannia; great-granddaughter of Charlemagne.

  • Married in 856 at Verberie sur Oise (France) to Athelwulf, King of England who abdicated in 856 and died in 858.   Judith was only about 12 years old at the time (!) and the marriage was a demonstration of alliance.
  • Married in 860 to Athelwulf’s son and heir, Athelbald, King of England – but had an annulment the same year because the union was considered to be “against God’s prohibition and Christian dignity.”  Oh my.
  • Married in 862 to Baldwin I “Bras der Fer”, Count of Flanders, and had a son:  Baldwin II “the Bald” of Flanders, who married Afthryth, a daughter of Alfred the Great, King of England.

(1)  Thanks to Robert Sewell for the genealogy of the royal family of Flanders.

Princess Judith of Brittany (born c. 982) daughter of Conan, Duke of Brittany, and Ermangarde d’ Anjou 

  • Married in 996 to Richard II “The Good”, 4th Duke of Normandy
  • They had six children, including Robert the Magnificent who fathered William the Conqueror.
  • Buried in the abbey of Bernay (France) which she had founded, in 1017.

Judith of Schweinfurt (before 1003 – 1058), Duchess of Bohemia, daughter of Henry of the House of Babenberg, margrave of Nordgau (Bavaria), and his wife Gerberga.

  • Married Bretislaus I of Bohemia, illegitimate only son of duke Oldřich and his would-be wife Božena.  Because it was not allowed for the royal daughter to marry an illegitimate son, Bretislaus solved the problem by kidnapping Judith from a monastery although he was never punished for the crime.
  • Married King Peter Urseolo of Hungary after Bretislaus’ 1055 death, after being sent out of Bohemia to Hungary by her son, Spytihněv.
  • Buried in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

Judith of Bohemia (c.1056/58 – 1086), also known as Judith Premyslid, daughter of Duke Vratislaus II of Bohemia (first King of Bohemia) by his second wife Adelaide, daughter of King Andrew I of Hungary.  Vratislaus was the younger son of Judith of Schweinfurt (see above).  That makes Bohemian Judith the grand-daughter of Schweinfurtian Judith.

  • Married Władysław I Herman, Duke of Poland (nephew of her stepmother), in 1080 to solidify the recently established Bohemian-Polish alliance; had 5 year of childlessness, had a son, Bolesław III Wrymouth but the Duchess never recovered from the effects of childbirth and died four months later.
  • Her husband remarried in 1089, to Judith of Swabia – the widow of Judith’s uncle King Solomon of Hungary,  who was renamed Sophia in Poland in order to distinguish herself from Władysław I’s first wife.

Judith-Maria of Swabia (1054 – 1105) was a German princess, a member of the Salian dynasty and by her two marriages Queen of Hungary and Duchess of Poland renamed Sophia in 1089;  daughter of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor by his second wife Agnes, daughter of William V, Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitou.

  • Married Solomon, son of Andrew I, King of Hungary in 1063;  he died in battle in 1087 after years of a loveless marriage with no children.
  • Married Władysław I Herman, Duke of Poland in 1089, and changed her name to Sophia to avoid confusion with Judith of Bohemia (see above).   That means Swabian Judith took sloppy seconds to Bohemian Judith, the grand-daughter of Schweinfurtian Judith.
  • Buried in Admont Abbey in Austria after 1118.

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