Judith and the Suit

15 Aug

Mateo Ciompallini, “Judith & Holofernes II,” pen and ink,

This sketch tickles me.   There stands Judith so proud of herself – suppressing a big smile and holding her hand “just so” in front of her ridiculously ballooning skirt.   And behind her looms a Giant Suit.   Twice her size, in fact.   And apparently having no head.

Clever, the way that is depicted.  The red stains on the collar suggest violence and bloodshed.   However, the Suit is still standing erect – implying it is occupied by a live body.   Could it be that Judith has taken the head, but the body in the suit continues to have a life of it’s own?   Or that the body has not yet realized it is missing a head?

I guess that is one way to sneak out of camp before anyone realizes there was a decapitation – even the victim.

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