Judith with the Head of … Ken

21 Aug

Hmm… this whole ‘Geeky is the New Sexy’ thing is making me feel extremely inadequate. Can someone please let me know if the time ever comes when Homicidal and/or Warped are the ‘New Sexy’.. because I think I may actually have a shot at that one.

Thus begins the FaceBook of artist Mariel Clayton, creator of the Homicidal Barbie Series.  Although these scenarios are not technically portrayals of Judith, they need to be included in this inventory because … well .., they ARE about decapitation.  And let’s just assume that Ken was being controlling and overbearing like Holofernes. and … they are just damn funny.

Oh but … the captions are mine.

“I told you I needed my coffee first thing in the morning.”

“I also told you I needed my glass of wine after work.”

“And he thought the kitchen floor was dirty BEFORE!”

“Now he can continue that conversation with Midge I interrupted in the bedroom …”

“I begged him to keep his hands off my bonbons.”

“i specifically requested White Wine with my bubble bath …”

“Next time, don’t stop blowing bubbles until I say so …”

Also check out Clayton’s work at Mariel Clayton – Doll Photographer and Redbubble: Sniperphotog.

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