Judith has Dinner in the City

29 Aug

(From Doublemint Twins of Judith)

ACK!!    An artist in my own backyard!!!   And I could actually OWN this!!!

But where would I put it?

Marsha M. Pippenger, “Judith with Holofernes,after Artemisia,” 2008, Handmade paper collage on canvas,                      9 x 12 in,

Artemesia Gentileshi, “Judith and Her Maidservant,” 1614, Oil on canvas, 114 x 93.5 cm, Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy

Pippenger admits to borrowing liberally from Gentileschi – with admiration of course.   In fact, this is one of 27 collages that connect two women 500 years apart, all reflecting admiration and appreciation for the women whose contributions spanned those years.   The collages begin with the story of Christine de Pisan, who is often called the first female Western novelist in the 15th century, an Italian in the court of France, who …

… set out to refute the misogynist writings of the times by penning her own rebuttals.   One of these is a book called “The Book of the City of Ladies”, in which Christine is visited by three Graces, Ladies Reason, Rectitude, and Justice, who proceed to instruct Christine in writing about illustrious women of great accomplishment and good moral character.    In the book, these illustrious women of whom Christine writes, build a city of refuge for women, to be inhabited only by those women who are of good character and great accomplishment.

The collages connect de Pisan 500 years later to the artist Judy Chicago, who also saw that women were neglected in the history books.    Chicago expressed the desire to include women at the table of historical accomplishments by creating 31 china place settings for invited female guests (rather than servers) in an art installation – “The Dinner Party”.    Pippenger created her collage series that “imagines the meeting of Judy Chicago and Christine de Pisan across the centuries.”

My collages travel in a kind of circular fashion, beginning with 9 small collages retelling major elements from “The Book of the City of Ladies” followed by an iconic image of Christine de Pisan. On the opposite side of the “gallery” would hang nine small collages about the “Dinner Party”, followed by the icon of Judy Chicago. The final collages lead up to the story of their meeting and look to the future. Enjoy.

And when I arrive at the gallery in Dayton, I will enjoy.   Immensely.


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