Judith has a twin … only different

30 Aug

(From Doublemint Twins of Judith)

Not exactly a copy but pretty close …

Leonello Spada, “Judith gives her servant the head of Holofernes,” 1618-19, Oil on canvas, 119 x 157 cm, Galleria Nazionale, Parma, Italy

First, Spada.   All the usual elements:  Judith, maid, severed head, sword, bag.   Voluminous red gown.   Caught in the moment of “What the …?”     frozen in fear, afraid to make a sound, waiting for the chance to bag the head and get away.

Stephanie Marie Hatch, “Judith Slays Holofernes (Female Heroes),” 2009, Acrylic, fabric, collage, india ink, and pencil on wood panel, 48 x 36 in,

Second, Hatch.   All the usual elements: Judith, maid, severed head, sword.   Voluminous red thoughts. caught in the moment of “What the …?”  frozen in fear, afraid to make a sound, waiting for the chance to bag the head and get away.

Actually, the focus of both works is the female experience – based on one of many stories about women.    How they depend on each other, cling to each other, trust each other.   And Hatch takes this examination one step further …

I started incorporating mixed media into my work, using photography, painting, drawing, collage, and old fabric.  I use embroidery both as a method of drawing and painting.  My use of thread references traditional female pastimes, an activity of creation and domesticity, delicacy and femininity.  My embroidery represents a woman’s voice, revealing basic truths about my sex, the basic form of our emotions, thoughts, power struggles, and relationships to the stories that are told about us. (1)

Consequently, Hatch gives us the explosion of thought from Judith and the maid, in color and texture.   As they pause in the panic-filled moment, the red and purple bubbles burst forth like adrenaline balloons.   I cannot hear them but I can feel the unspoken words — alarm, fear, indecision.   And both artists leave us with the hope that – if we trust our female companion and let the moment pass – the anxiety will die down and we will once again feel secure.

(1)  Stephanie Marie Hatch, Statement, March 2009.

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