Judith in the Great Outdoors

08 Sep

Robert Proch, “Holofernes Head,” 2010, graffiti, OpenLab Artisti Oggi, Genoa, Italy

Blocky, intricate, dripping with style – I could add in a lot of other artsy words like “juxtaposed”, “aesthetics”, and “composition”, but it would all delay the inevitable truth:   Robert Proch‘s work is impressive.    Actually, this Polish artist’s work is more than impressive – it’s quite good.    Developing his style in graffiti and fine art, Proch has a body of work that displays one of my favorite conjunctions – believability and abstraction.    Oh, there I go with the artsy words again …
Andrew Rolfes, JOINTHESTUDIO, June, 2011

When a young artist with great promise – and already demonstrating great talent – chooses Judith as his subject, I feel so honored.    Yes, I DO take it personally.   Because the continuation of the story in contemporary art is evidence of the enduring power of Judith.   Not just the powerful horror of the defeat and decapitation (aka emasculation) of the dominating male, but the powerful determination of the subjugated woman.   Quel surprise!   She actually fought back and won!   Plotted out a scheme, cooly executed it without getting squeamish and modestly returned to her private life.

And to blow it up to Super Size and display it as Outdoor Art?   I am even more honored.   Because now Judith is literally Larger Than Life.  Just as she should be.

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