Judith works the fashion trends

16 Sep

Vasyl Yarych, bronze sculpture, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, Illinois, US

Vasyl Yarych, bronze sculpture, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, Illinois, US

First and foremost, this is a brilliant tribute to Judith in bronze by Yarych.    The expressionless face as she points to Holofernes’ severed head with a dagger (Ok, that is not technically correct but I will assume the fauchion would have been too large) gives a somber mood to the moment.

Second, who KNEW she was so stylish!   How did she know that leather harnesses would break the bounds of bondage – moving from fetish to runway fashion?

How To Work The Leather Harness Trend In To Your Wardrobe

From , Stylists September 18, 2011

Like so many other things that were only recently considered too sexually charged to comfortably see the light of day, in a few short years the leather harness has infiltrated the realms of what we consider fashionable. That may sound like a critique but I can assure you it’s not; it’s merely a fact. When bondage and fetish fashion first hit our trend radars back in 2009 it was all bodycon, leather, studs and chains. But it’s progressed. It’s moved on. It’s no longer a season-defining trend as it was back then, instead it’s morphed into something that remains nebulously floating around the edges – more refined, more classically-inspired, and a little more isolated from everything else that’s going on.

And you know when something goes from the shelves of Coco de Mer to the runways of Hermes the shift is complete: it’s no longer luxury fetish, it’s just plain luxury. That’s where bondage, and the leather harness in particular, has ended up. Still far from mainstream, far from over-saturation, but with enough exposure that we no longer question it as strange or outlandish. And right now, that’s the best place it can be.

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