Judith and the nipple rings

26 Sep

Cover of Vogue?!  Even Brazilian Vogue is a Big Freakin’ Deal.  John Drake Moore has arrived.  And it appears his cast of characters has arrived as well – from Another Galaxy.

First, we have Cleopatra in Space Alien Blue …

There are many fine examples of historical subjects, too many to mention all of them here. However, Cleopatra, with her blue skin and golden nipples, and The Queen of Sheba, with her warm brown eyes and skinny arms, stand out as beautiful paintings of beautiful women. Mr. Moore’s version of their beauty does not at all diminish their power and presence. From what we know about Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba, these women were capable rulers of their nations and were respected for that in their time. These could be court paintings, if time travel were possible or Velazquez had studied with Matisse. (1)

Then we have Drake-Moore’s Big Eyed Vampire Judith

Mr. Moore presents the viewer with the decapitation as an accomplished fact: Judith, holding Holofernes’ head, gazes out of the canvas.    She is grimly victorious, resolute, and bare-breasted. She defies the viewer to find fault or even question her actions.    This display of female power, however lethal and disturbing, brings the viewer into contact, and possibly conflict, with the eroticism and anti-eroticism of violence in this collection of paintings. (1)

So the main points:

  • Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba and Judith were respected in their time.
  • Their beauty did not diminish their power and presence.
  • Their portraits display female power that is lethal and disturbing.
  • Their portraits display female power that is also erotic.
  • They are capable of receiving signals from the Mothership with their nipple rings.

(1)  Ginger Mayerson, A Book of Art: John Drake-Moore, Sequential Tart, November 2004

See also   According to the artist, “The pictures represent various personages seen through the critical eye of the Maestro, a shade transgressive, or ironical, at times erotic.”   These are my other transgressive favorites –

Salome and John the Baptist

Bloody Mary

Othello and Desdemona

All American Stripper

Skinhead stripper

Eros Amor

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