Judith is framed

08 Oct

Curses.  Foiled by a language barrier.

Armen Soir (aka Суар Армен) is a Russian artist who does not have an English website.    But he does have a brilliant command of color and texture.

Armen Soir, “Юдифь – Judith,” 2008, Mixed media on hardboard, wood, 60 x 50cm,

His portrait of Judith (like his other portraits of women) is exciting and alive with masterful blends of shade and tone and hue – applied in layers that give the portrait depth.    Like Klimt (and Burbank), he frames the life-like face with an explosion of pattern and color that creates an impression of otherworldliness.   No, there is nothing to indicate this is part of the Judith story (no severed head, no sword, no maid) but there is plenty to leave the impression of a women with formidable beauty.

The frames are just as important as the artwork – extending the visual interest beyond the borders.   In fact, it would be a disgrace to show these paintings without their frame.  Maybe language is not a barrier after all.

“Флора – Flora”

“Дама в белом – Lady in White”

“Дама с птицей – Lady with the bird”

“Дама с Вуалью – Lady with the veil”

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