Judith shreds

21 Oct

I must humbly admit: i f*#ked up.   During a quick internet search, I found this image and added it to my files making several incorrect assumptions:

  1. This skateboard was one of many
  2. Since the website was listed, the skateboard would be there when i went back
  3. The skateboard was mass- produced by machine so there was no artist to be noted

As they say “assume makes an ass out of u and me” and that is certainly true in my case.   I assumed that the “art of skateboarding” was about the act itself and not about the board;  that there was no aesthetic appreciation of the appearance of the board.    And I was wrong.

Art of Skateboarding is a website dedicated to just that:  Skateboards as art.

“For many years now, I have been collecting skateboards for their artistic merits and nostalgic value. A friend … tipped me off one day to all the many web sites that sold old school decks as well as eBay auctions. I could not believe that not only had so many survived in mint condition through the years, but that there was actually a community of collectors deeply involved and active in it all … As I am an avid artist (as a hobby, not a career) as well as art collector, this new “addiction” fit quite nicely into my life. I do consider decks as works of art, fine examples of graphic art, fine pieces of contemporary art … “

Sadly, Judith was one-of-a-kind and was not there when I returned.   And since I did not note the artist, I cannot credit or trace him/her.

I only hope that someone out there is enjoying this prize.   An artful pairing of Caravaggio’s Judith with the power of a board.

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