Now for something completely different (LX)

22 Oct

A Date With Judy (1957, vol. 60)

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In 2009, Maurice Sendak’s childhood classic Where the Wild Things Are was turned into a movie.   And within the movie, one of the Wild Things is named Judith – voiced by Kathleen O’Hara.

Meeting Judith, from Where The Wild Things Are

Judith: Hey, can I be your favourite colour? Ahahaha.
[Max imitates her laugh]

Max: Har har har.

Judith: Ahahaha.
[Max does it again, with more effort]

Max: Har har har.

Judith: [more evilly] ahahahaha!

Max: Har har har!

Judith: Ahahahahaha!


Judith: You know what? You can’t do that back to me. If we’re upset, your job is not to get upset back at us. Our job is to be upset. If I get mad and wanna eat you, then you have to say: Oh, okay. You can eat me. I love you. Whatever makes you happy, Judith.” That’s what you’re supposed to do!

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