Judith dines on foreign cuisine

23 Oct

Augusto Rendón, “Judith and Holofernes”

Tracking down art on the internet can sometimes be frustrating.  On the one hand, it gives me exposure to art and artists I might never have seen.   On the other hand, the information is often incomplete or erroneous.  Grrrr.   And so I have this image with a blog about Colombian artists – but no idea when it was created or where it resides.

However, I do have a translation of an interview with the artist (Bogota, Friday September 9, 2011)(1):
I painted this unhappy couple several times. It’s an episode unlikely as many of the Old Testament, because I can not believe that a Jewish woman could so easily enter the powerful Assyrian general store to behead him. Something suggests including other great love was then beheaded.
Which raises the question:  is Judith simultaneously dining with Holofernes and looking at his severed head OR is she dining with some other man while looking at Holofernes severed head?   I am thinking the man at the table looks like Willie Nelson more than an Assyrian General, so I vote for the latter. (Although why Willie Nelson would toast Holofernes’ decapitation is another matter to ponder.  Or why he would be in Bethulia.)

I also have a very passionate description of the art of Augusto Rendón (2) .

For six decades the artist obstinately trodden paths of eroticism and violence. In the first case, a secret tribute to the Luncheon on the Grass by Manet, flashing female figures in his paintings (Cleopatra, Ishtar, Hera, Demeter, Aphrodite) dining with opaque naked men dressed in linen-covered tables by rolling, which causes tension anarchic perspective on food. And these great ladies visited ancient ceremonies for foreign cuisine, making up one of his most important pictorial series …

The artist obsessed by some evil themes of the Bible – “the book of nonsense,” as he likes to call it, he emphasizes that one of the few legacies of Christianity was the wonderful art it produced. There … is also notorious burlesque intention, offensive, when painted quietly while dining Judith Holofernes’s head rests on a tray, Eve picnic with Adam black, Jacob wrestling with an angel of pathetic claws, to the divine messengers dressed in garters and half-naked holy with golden halo, as blasphemous tribute to his beloved Giotto. In other words, the Bible fruitful irony much of his artistic creations.

Therefore, I still do not know where this painting may be found.   But I have now learned that Rendon liked to paint scenes of:   a) men and woman dining at a table b) with foreign cuisine c) in an erotic situation.   Alas, this second depiction of Judith has no couple, no table, no food – but Judith does look somewhat happier and more relaxed in this scene.  Only … she seems to be missing a cigarette.

Augusto Rendón, Judith and Holofernes,” 1986, Silkscreen, 40 x 50 cm,

(1) Gonzalo Márquez Cristo, The invisible artist: Interview with Augusto RendonFriday September 9, 2011, Augusto Rendon blogspot.

(2) Gonzalo Márquez Cristo, Augusto Rendon: Between love and fear, Augusto Rendon blogspot.

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