Judith needs another head

30 Oct

Francesco Guarino (Guarini Da Solofra), “Judith with head of Holofernes,” 1651, Oil on canvas,  123 x 99 cm, San Marco Casa D’Aste Spa (Lot 30)

Judith:  Oh, my back is killing me!

Maid:     I keep telling you, it’s your bad posture.

Judith:   Well, I bought this iron girdle to help.  What else am I supposed to do.

Maid:     Pilates.

Judith:  Pontius Pilate?

Maid:     Not PIE-late.  Pi-LA-tes, the abdominal exercises.  To strengthen your core.

Judith:   What a relief.  I thought you were going to get me mixed up with Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipater … who ended up giving slutty little Salome the head of John the Baptist.

Maid:     No … I think one severed head is enough for us to handle.

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