Judith blows smoke

01 Nov

Fedor Zubkov, “Judith and Holofernes,” 2011, Oil on canvas, 47 x 58 cm,

This is one of THOSE Judith‘s.   The one that could be Salome.   But the artist titled it Judith and Holofernes, so I will accept that this is our heroine.  With the correct severed head.

Actually, I love this painting.  The rich colors, the flashing brush strokes, the languid atmosphere.  In this scenario, the work is done and Judith is savoring her success.  Laying down the sword in the forefront next to the head and taking a moment to collect her thoughts.   A smile lingers on her lips as she toys with her luxurious hair.  Taking in the aroma of the incense burner.

Assuming that is merely incense.  Or maybe not – and that is why she is so mellow.

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