Judith loses her jacket and her name tag

03 Nov

This is exactly what I was worried about.    All the signs indicate this is virtuous (although naked) Judith and not her evil twin, Salome.    And yet, the painting is titled Salome.

Jakub Obrovsky, “Salome,” Oil on canvas, 1913, 102 x 115 cm, auctioned by Dorotheum Prague 5/23/2009 (Lot 23)

The elements that point to Judith:  the sword in her hand, the head in a bag, and the maid.    Remember that Salome did not decapitate the victim herself and she gave the head to Herod Antipater on a platter.

Pffft.  And that head doesn’t even look like John the Baptist.

So I wonder:  did Obrovsky himself title the painting – in which case he confused the iconography?   or did someone else title the painting posthumously – in which case someone else confused the iconography?

It matters because for some ridiculous reason, I want to claim this as Judith.   I love her facial expression – surprised and fragile and appealing.   I love her nakedness – especially the realistic posterior.   I want to think that, among the many glorious nudes he selected to paint, that Obrovsky considered Judith to be worthy of his attention.

Ultimately, for a narcissistic blog, attention is what it is all about.

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