Judith in armor

11 Nov

Claudio Giulianelli, “Storie di Giuditta,” Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm,

Well … mostly in armor.   Okay, only in a stylized barbutemorion helmet.

But clearly this is Judith the Warrior.   Standing before a red banner, symbol of Mars – God of War.   She holds a head … but is it real?  Or is it a mask?  Which then begs the question:  is she really a warrior or just playing a part in a Baroque tragedy?

Judith herself does not appear to be so sure what part she plays.

My paintings are rich of symbols more recognizable than they bring to that times. And the true motivation of mine to paint is that to establish an interview with whom observes the picture, to speak that it directly touches the heart. Great influence has had the me the 1600 Baroque Italian, first among all Caravaggio.

I have chosen really the location of that medieval world. The women, the dames and the infantrymen that I paint can be interpreted to different levels of understanding, mine is a philosophical painting, I try to put on the cloths the human mind with all of his contradictions and, mainly the labyrinthine mystery of the Life, the man´s doubts, his fears and aspirations.(1)

Oh, that really does explain it.

(1)  Artist in the spotlight: Claudio Giulianelli, a baroque painter, Carré d’artistes (viewed 3/5/2012)

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