Judith: The House Beautiful Edition

14 Nov

Paolo Veronese (Caliari) (circle of),”Judith Receiving the Ancients of Bethulia,” 1560-69, oil on canvas, 27 x 57 cm,              Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England UK

Paolo Veronese (Caliari), “Judith with the head of Holofernes.” 1560-69, Oil on panel, 31.2 x 68.3 cm,                                  The Royal Collection, UK

I last tackled Veronese on August 14, 2011.    He is obviously quite a storyteller – and quite enthralled with the story of Judith.

Of these two executions, the first is most intriguing.   I love the little dog and the cat sleeping in the corner – how domestic!   And I love the two Ancients begging Judith to accept this Mission.   Grovel, dudes, grovel.   But most of all, I love the two women behind her who seem to be laughing at the Ancients as Judith wags her finger in their faces.

But one thing bothers me:  why does Judith’s house have no ceiling?   Is this the style of Bethulian architecture?  Or was there a recent tornado?

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