Judith and the ulterior motive

22 Nov

Damn those private collections.  Imagine the selfishness of keeping this art all to yourself.  Humpf.

Giovanni Battista Spinelli, “Giuditta recide la testa ad Oloferne,” private collection (1)

Now that I have finished pouting about not being one of THOSE people,  I can appreciate the opportunity to peruse these paintings on the internet.   And appreciate that this is a lovely depiction of Judith.   Hand on the hilt, ready to swing.   Seems very calm for an executioner.   Except … where is Holofernes?   While her back is turned, did he fall out of bed?

Giovanni Battista Spinelli, “Giuditta con la testa di Oloferne,” c.1630-1660, Oil on canvas, 84.5 x 67.5 cm, private collection

And although this is black-and-white, it gets across the point (points?).   Judith has clearly exerted herself in acquiring Holofernes’ head – to the point her bodice has slipped.   Quite a bit.   And being rather proud of her ample bosom, she is peering out of the tent to see if there is anyone else she can dazzle with her décolletage.

Reminds me of a scene with Madonna from A League of Their Own.

(1)  Nicola Spinosa, Pittura del Seicento a Napoli: Da Caravaggio a Massimo Stanzione. (2010).   Arte’m Publisher

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