Judith in the round

07 Dec

Nicolas Prévost, “Judith,” 17th century, Oil on canvas, sold by Jack Kilgore and Company, Inc., New York, NY, USA

Judith:    We need to wrap this up quickly.   I need some fresh air.

Maid:      What’s wrong?

Judith:    The room is spinning.  And something smells bad.

Maid:       Do you think it’s the dead body?

Judith:    No, too soon for the decomposition to set in.  And it doesn’t smell like rotting flesh.

Maid:       What does it smell like?

Judith:     More like … farts.

Maid:       … oh.  Just remember we both had beans last night.

Judith:     No, I didn’t have beans last night.

Maid:       Damn. I always get caught holding the bag.

For comparison to Cleopatra, see Sylvain Kerspern, About Nicolas Prevost and Jacques Stella: The Contribution of the Death of Cleopatra. (February 2008). D’histoire & d’@rt.

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